Monday, June 25, 2012

Brinware - Glass Dishes For Kids

Since my kids are past the age of throwing food, I'm always on the lookout for glass, ceramic and sterling silver dishes. I just don't like the idea of my kids being exposed to eating and drinking surfaces that are not BPA free. I know they make some plastics BFA free, but all the cute plates I once bought at Target are not BPA free.

I just found out there's a company called Brinware that sells the cutest glass dishes!

Check out their cute plates!

I found this information on their website about their cute plates:
  • Plate Size 7.5"
  • Patent-pending food grade silicone sleeve for protection and slip resistance
  • Tempered glass for extra durability and safety
  • Microwavable and Dishwasher safe
  • Interchangeable fun designs 
Check out placemats!

This is some information about their placemats:
  • Placemat size 11"x15"
  • They come in a set of two
  • They roll up to make traveling easy
  • They are Dishwasher safe

Go Graham Go! is giving away a Panda Play Green Plate Set! How great is that? Go to her site to enter!

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