Thursday, December 2, 2010


My boy's have always liked being read to! I remember being in the hospital with my oldest {who is now 5} when he had a staph infection at 7 months. We sat in the rocking chair and read books, sang songs, nursed and rocked. We did those things over and over again.

When my youngest came along, my oldest child was then 2 1/2. I nursed my younger child and still read to my oldest. It was a way to bond with both of my children at the same time.

Mom Spotted is hosting a great reading giveaway. Hallmark has offered one Mom Spotted reader a Recordable Storybook!  

Reading stories is a great bonding tool! Recordable books help children bond with family members that they may not see very often. They can hear the voice of a grandparent that is out of town, or if the child's parents are separated; it's such a special way to keep the absent one present.


April said...

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these books are great! my parents bought one for my daughter this christmas


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