Thursday, July 25, 2013

Royal Fail

So the press is going nuts about Prince George.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets are getting selling like hot cakes, since William and Kate swaddled George in the blanket to go home.

Royal Babys Swaddle 
I'm not seeing a whole lot of press on the way George was put into that car seat. I remember bringing my youngest home from the hospital and the nurse saying to me, "You are not going to put that sweater jacket on him are you?" Coats and jackets are not supposed to be used under the strap of a car seat. I thought that was pretty bloody ridiculous. 
Here it looks like Prince George isn't even fully strapped into this car seat. Look his little arms are hanging out. The straps should go over his shoulders. He was swaddled before strapping him in. The belt is supposed to go under the blanket. 
You can swaddle, but do it after the baby is buckled in. Like so:

I got this information on this website. It talks about how to swaddle a baby, while in the car seat.
1. Buckle the baby into the safety seat and make the straps snug. There should be NO blankets or bulky clothing under the straps or on the baby's body.
2. Take a blanket and, while keeping the baby's arms down at the sides, tuck the blanket very tightly along the sides of the baby's body and underneath the baby's legs. Of course if it is very hot outside don't do this, since the baby will overheat.

The 2 week old baby in this photo is buckled tightly into her Graco Snugride 35.  You can't see the straps due to the swaddle, but rest assured that she's ready to go for a ride (just as long as the carrier handle is moved to an approved position for use in the car!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, we live in Northern Canada and have the same issue. When they’re still rearfacing (for mine, that’s until they outgrow a Diono Radian RF), we do thermal underwear top and bottom, long-sleeved shirt, thick fleece pants, hat, mittens, and patagonia down jacket. I keep fleece blankets in the car and usually cover each child with 2 of them, on top of snug harness. For my new forward-facer, pretty much the same thing, except when it’s really cold, she’s able to have the much thicker coat covering her over the harness (and blankets on her legs if she wants). The problem we run into, is them getting too hot once we’re into a heated building at the destination, but we put up with it.