Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fathers Stop Coddling Your Kids

I read this article called, Fathers, Stop Coddling Your Kids. In short it's an article about how Fathers should push their kids to not act like babies and to be/do more.

When I first read it I was thinking, Oh no this is another article about tough love. Kids you need to become hard working citizens at the age of 12, ok?

My husband read the article to. He loved it. I gave it another chance.

Experiencing my own life, with my own children, our boys listen a whole lot more when Daddy steps in the room. It's not to say that they don't listen to me. I'm firm, I stand my ground. Without me things wouldn't get put away, baths wouldn't get done, dishes wouldn't get clean, clothes wouldn't get laid out the night before and so on. Daddy has a different role. Most do. Most have a deeper voice, than Mom does. Kids know Daddy means business. I've heard this time and time again from different people, that kids listen to their Dads more.

I didn't understand what I heard from other people in regards to kids listening to Dads more before I had kids. I didn't understand it even when I had a baby and a two year old. As my children aged I now understand it. 

What if the Dad is not in the picture? Then what? I'm not saying that a child will turn into a horrible person if Dad isn't in the picture. It's just that if a Dad is around, active in a child's life, the child will certainly listen to Dad.

Does this mean that Dads shouldn't have fun with their kids, or cuddle with them? Not at all. They just need to expect the most out of a task a child does. That task should be done well!

If that child acts out at Mom or Dad, the opposite parent should back that other parent up.

The child should be corrected when they whine, throw a temper tantrum and misbehave. Some of this type of behavior is a phase, but if it continues to persist be firm. Take the child out of the store if needed. Have a talk with them in the car. Let them cool down before you go back in. If they won't cool down, go home and put them down for a nap.

The article in question is more about discipline being in the home than anything. When a child is sassy as a kid it's sometimes cute, but when they are teenagers it's not cute at all! Kids become teens fast.

How do you discipline your kids?


Morris Jones said...

Thanks for this. It is a discussion that needs to happen :) A lot of parenting stuff nowadays is all about letting the child do whatever he/she if parents haven't learned anything in their own life experience. We are there to guide them, mentor them, lead them, love them.

Morris Jones said...

Of course, there will come a time to "send them off" but should this really be at 3 years of age for example?

By the way, thanks for your input on my blog :)