Monday, August 13, 2012

Toys That Focus on Building Coordination

One company that really focuses on building coordination for babies and toddlers is Haba.

They make toys that are out of wood. Our wooden toys hold up way more than our plastic ones have.

Lately I'm conscious of what kids can get out of their toys; learning wise. I have a nephew that has Trisomy 18, he'll be mentally challenged for the rest of his life. He's in constant physical therapy. The focus is trying to get him to play more and build his muscles. It's working.

Here are the toys that I really like:

What is your favorite toy or toy company?

My kids liked Fisher Price a lot. Now they are into Lego's. Both companies are full of plastic. Oh well.

Go Graham Go! is giving away the last Haba toy shown. It would be perfect for my nephew. Maybe not right away, but in the future. It's great to say he has a future. He's doing really well!

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Petula Wright said...

I never really thought much about the use of plastic versus wood in toys until recent years. Are there any types of plastic toys that are okay for children? Or is it the fact that the wood is biodegradable? Well, my favorite toy company? Hmmm... LeapFrog, Fisher Price... Yea, the regulars.

I also prefer my children to play with and work with things that are going to build their skills or enhance their education.