Thursday, August 16, 2012

Operation Shower

ShoeDazzle is supporting the non-profit organization called Operation Shower.

What is Operation Shower Anyway?

Like any non-profit organization, Operation Shower has a mission. They celebrate and honor military families. They provide cheerful baby showers for families in the military. This eases the hardship of deployment.

Operation Shower:
  • Hosts great baby showers
  • Delivers high-end products
  • Creates a shared experience
  • Partners with other organizations to provide services, such as health-related information
This certainly gives families hope and support that they wouldn't otherwise get.

ShoeDazzle has come to the rescue for Operation Shower.

All profits made from the sale of what they call the "Monroe" shoe will 100% benefit Operation Shower.  Vanessa Lachey is the designer for this celebrity shoe. She also had a Father in the military and is a soon to be Mommy. She certainly understands the mission of Operation Shower.

The "Monroe" shoes was inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s devotion of our troops, and her daring style. Vanessa Lachey had the military in mind when designing the shoes.

The "Monroe" Shoe Has:
  • They have faux snakeskin
  • They are high-heeled 
  • They contain a steep platform 
  • There are a lot of multiple buckles 
In short they are a mix of sexy and tough. f

Gets your pair on starting August 7th. All proceeds go to charity!

*Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. I simply blogged about this because it's for a good cause.

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