Monday, January 9, 2012

Nursing in Public

First off I love this link! It's a very sarcastic post about how Breastfeeding is Offensive - NOT! Basically it illustrates how many women who breastfeed show a lot less than women in magazines. It socially acceptable for women to show their breasts in a sexy way, but not in a natural way? So crazy how a lot of society is!

Here are four tips for nursing in public-
  1. Practice in front of a mirror. Reason being is that it's awkward at first. That shows on your face. If you are in front of a mirror, you will get used to it. The less awkward it is for you, it is the same for others.
  2. Prepare things ahead of time. I usually made sure I went to places that had areas to breastfeed. Some places have mothers rooms. Babies R Us and Von-Mour are a few places that do. Other good stops are places that have more than one dressing rooms. I used to take clothes in with me to act like I was trying on something; instead I was really breastfeeding. You want to make it comfortable for you and your baby. A restroom wasn't that place for me! I would have rather gone to my car than a restroom.
  3. Dress so it's easy to breastfeed. It doesn't have to be a nursing top. Just try and dress with loose clothing. Many people like a breastfeeding cover. This allows for privacy, yet has easy access. My sister used to breastfeed in public. People would come up to her to see the sleeping baby. That is all they thought, was that her little baby was sleeping. When in fact he was breastfeeding.
  4.  Have extra nursing pads. I leaked a lot more with baby number 1 than baby number 2. Sometimes a baby starts crying, and a mom starts leaking. It doesn't even have to be your own baby crying to have this happen. This is when extra pads come in handy. Layers help to. If you leak, you may want a thin shirt or jacket to put over your shirt.

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