Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Do You Use For Diaper Rash?

I used to make my own wipes when my boy's were babies. When they would break out in a rash I'd use Bag Balm or Pounds Cold Cream mixed with Milk of Magnesia 50/50. The mixture was great for sudden outbreaks! Bag Balm worked great the rest of the time.

Lately my 3 year old has been complaining of his butt itching. I actually listened to him cry and complain about this for 15 min. in the car one day. It started happening when we entered the change of season with all the different fruits. I give him variety, so it's not like he's getting nothing but grapefruit and strawberries. This has become a huge issue. Does anyone use something they really like?

Otherwise I swear my kid is going to grow up and use the pick up line: "My butt itches" to any girl he meets. YUCK! I know! I've just been hearing it a lot!

New Age Mama is giving away a package of Boudreaux Butt Paste products. Have you used them? Do you like them? I've seen them in the stores. I need to try something different. This is why I ask.

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