Monday, June 20, 2011

Are You Having Problems With Your Baby Taking a Bottle?

I never had a problem with my babies taking a bottle. They would suck on anything that gave them Mama's Milk. Getting them to take a sippy cup and start on cow's milk was another story.

My sister on the other hand had HUGE problems with her youngest taking a bottle! She attempted before she went back to work, with no luck. Finally the day came where my husband was her babysitter. We decided that if her baby got hungry enough, he'd give up and just eat. My husband watches our two boy's and her two boy's twice a week. Then it was two babies and two 3 year olds.

Our nephew would not take a bottle. She felt like it was pointless to pump because he wouldn't drink from a bottle. He was super fussy during her 12 hour nurse shift! My husband wanted to pull his hair out. I think my sister wanted my husband to force feed him. She actually taught her baby how to drink out of sippy cup at a super young age.

I just spotted a bottle to try out if this is a problem you are going through!

It's called Mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Bottle. One of my favorite pro breastfeeding sites, The Baby Store Plus sells this bottle. This item ships for free Via USPS 1st Class Mail!

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Five Foot Mama said...

That bottle looks awesome. I was lucky not to have problems teaching my little guy to drink out of a bottle...

The Baby Store Plus said...

Aww, thank you for mentioning our store as a place to get the mimijumi. Our momma's have had great success with this bottle.

I always ask anyone who purchases the bottle to provide us with follow-up feedback and not one of them has said that it didn't work for them. I wish you could feel that nipple through the really feels like a woman's breast. Well, as close as you can come in something made with medical & food grade silicone :-)