Sunday, August 29, 2010


We went to the zoo this weekend. It was nice! The weather was perfect.
I saw a monkey breastfeeding and thought it was so sweet.
I began to think about why it is not acceptable for humans to feed their young in front of each other.

I mostly felt uncomfortable nursing my own in front of other people because of how awkward it made them feel. I just never felt comfortable to nurse in public. I nursed in front of my inner family, and that was pretty much it.

When I was in the hospital I was really self conscious about breastfeeding with both of my kiddo's. A few people I know couldn't stand even being around someone who is nursing. I was trying to nurse my babies under the covers while anyone visited. If I had to do it all over again; I'd just ask them to leave if they didn't feel comfortable.

Especially with having c-section's, Mica's cyst under his tongue, his frenotomy, Isaak not latching right and both not gaining enough weight.  I kind of needed to see what I was doing! I did get smart with Isaak my second child, and said, "No visitors on the first day." That was so great! No one watched me try and nurse, no one saw me throw up from the anesthesia, I could feel my legs and walk before I had visitors outside my inner family.

When I saw this monkey nursing, I thought, "That is really special!" A bond between a mother and child can be made stronger just by nursing.

Note that the mother doesn't care who in the heck is watching. I'm sure the people watching didn't care either.

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