Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Sleep Easy Solution Book Giveaway!

The Sleep Easy Solution is a wonderful book about putting your child to sleep.  It's geared from birth to 5 years old.

One of the common things I hear from parents is, "I just can't get my child to go to sleep at night!"

Babysitters that come over to my house have said, "WOW your kids go to sleep so easy!" Now my children have faults. I have to say putting them to seep is pretty simple at my house.

What I've Done to Get My Kids to Go to Sleep:
  • I never kept things quiet. I wanted to be able to get things done, while they slept. They were used to noise and slept right on through it.
  • I listen to their my children's cues. If they act fussy or naughty there is a reason. Sleep in the main one in my book. If you have to adjust their bedtime to be earlier that's ok. 
  • Try and be consistent. That is contradictory from the last thing I mentioned. Making your kids stay up late isn't going to help them nap the next day. Talk to your partner and decide when a good time is to put them down. 
  • Do things before bed. Kids love routine. At our house I have the boys pick out their shirt, we have bath time every other night, we read stories and we brush teeth. They know what they have to do before bed because it's what they've always done. My 4 year old reminds me if we haven't done something. 
  • We did something we called, Tour de Clocks. Early on when the boys were only 6 months or so, we'd take the boys around the house at bedtime. We'd show them the clocks and that it was bedtime. They LOVED this! After awhile we stopped Tour de Clocks. They got too heavy to carry around. They also just knew when we said it was bedtime it was bedtime.

One of my US readers will win The Sleep Easy Solution! Cara Familian Natterson, M.D. Author of Your Newborn Head to Toe said, "Filled with sound advice, this is the one sleep book you'll need for your child's first five years of life."

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Anne N. said...

Make sure the belly is full.

Terra said...

Em needs sleep.

Rhonda C said...

sing Silent night to her as I gentley rocked her