Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Boys' Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are especially fun to throw for young children.  When they’re really little, it’s just about family getting together, and when they grow up it’s about them hanging out with their friends.  But, the glorious years from about 4-12 is when you get to have a really great time doing a big to-do with a theme and decorations and maybe even costumes.  Here are a few ideas for throwing your next boys’ birthday party.

Super Mario Birthday Party

Find a cool graphic online and generate an e-vite and let everyone know that it’s a Mario Brothers themed party so they can wear red or green long sleeved shirts, overalls and fake mustaches.  You can give away sacks filled with chocolate gold coins for party favors and set up video games for the kids to play after they eat.

Pirate Birthday Party

This party is a lot of fun because the main activity can be a treasure hunt with clues you’ve written and hidden all over the place.  The swashbucklers can team up to solve each clue to the treasure and then once they find it, split up the booty to take home.

Jungle Party

I’ve tried clowns and magicians, but neither can hold a candle to exotic animals.  Check out your local listings and see if you can find someone who comes to kid’s parties with snakes and lizards.  The boys will think this is really neat and you can really go wild with the decorations and jungle themed food.

Water Wars

If you have a summer baby, that gives you the perfect opportunity to get a bunch of water guns, water balloons, a slip and slide and break out the sprinklers because it’s time to cool off.  Grill up some hot dogs and slap on the sunscreen because you’re going to let them run around and attack each other with water until they’re exhausted!

Each one of these parties gives you a chance to be really involved with your kid’s party.  You’re not just a chaperone; you’re the leader of the fun.  Go on an adventure with son and revel in his good times year after year.

Lisa is a guest post blogger who writes about children’s birthday party ideas and themes like Mario birthday party themes for boys and tea party themes for girls. 


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