Monday, October 24, 2011

Milk Trays

I feel like Milk Trays are the way to go with freezing breastmilk.

I happened to use Orka Ice Cube Trays when I froze my milk. They to have lids and were BPA free. I liked that they had silicone bottoms and were different colors. The variety of colors helped me to see which one I pumped first and last. The negatives were that they were not as thin as the Milk Trays. Thin = less time to thaw out when baby is hungry. If you pump a lot, you may have more milk then will fit into the trays. If I were a new mom today, I'd get both Orka Ice Cube Trays and Milk Trays. Orka Ice Cube Trays were really nice for baby food! The color really helped me to the differences between foods that I made. Sometimes foods look exactly alike when in cube form. I think Milk Trays would be better for milk!


I've tried multiple ways of freezing milk. The bags take longer to thaw out. Then the seems leak milk.

With this system you can drop the frozen milk into drop in liners, or stainless steel bottles. They thaw quicker, with little to no mess.

Just Some Features:
  • BPA and Phthalate free.
  • Made from a medical-grade plastic.
  • Designed by working and breastfeeding moms. 
  • 16 (8 in each try) cavities that each equal one ounce. I like this because you know how much you are getting out before you thaw the milk.  
  • You buy 1 unit that has 2 trays and 2 lids for $21.95 at Mom4Life. No tax or shipping costs. 
  • The 2 trays stack easily. 
  • Fits through all bottle openings.  
  • Made in the USA
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