Thursday, August 18, 2011

The story goes like this...

My sister has had a lactation consultant at her home a lot. Having a child that has one extra chromosome takes a lot of work! Not just with breastfeeding, but with everything else to!

Emerson pulled his feeding tube out 2 nights ago. Lucky for my sister, she's a nurse. It took her one try to get it back in! Yay for her! She's not even a pediatric nurse.

She was telling her lactation consultant about my blog, Milking the Issue. Now the lactation consultant has my blog on her list for new mom's! :) I'm so happy! 

By the way, Emerson now is 8 weeks old! Happy 8 week birthday! Aunt Lissy loves you!

All my nephews and niece call my "Aunt Lissy." My name is really Alissa. I think that got started with my niece because she couldn't say my name. It stuck because it's just so cute to hear a little voice say, "Aunt Lissy!"

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