Monday, August 29, 2011

Snack Bags for First Foods

If you are in need of first food snack bags, Cora Carolina is your place to go!

Cora CarolinaCora CarolinaCora Carolina

I love reusable snack bags! I use them daily and wish I would have known and bought some of these when my kids first started snacking.

They are a bit pricey, around $9. Think about how many boxes of sandwich bags you wouldn't have to buy!

These are safer, reusable, dishwasher/washer safe! They work great for school age kids lunches!

Finger Food Ideas for Older Babies:

  • Small dices of soft cooked veggies mixed as a "veggie salad" 
Make sure you don't introduce too many foods at once
  • Small bits of soft baked {acorn or butternut} squash
  • Soft baked sweet potato dices or fries
  • Small bits of soft baked green beans

  • Soft baked bits of peaches
  • Small dices of ripe banana
  • Dices of ripe pears
  • Small bits of avocado
Other Ideas:
  • Cereals {Multi-Grain Cheerios}
  • Tofu cubes "dusted" with wheat germ or cereal dust
  • Diced toast

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