Monday, August 4, 2014

Breastfeeding in Public

In the US there are more places that will look down on a mom for breastfeeding, than look up to them.

I love how the UK is a bit more supportive on the subject.

"Breastfeeding Mums - Pop in and have a FREE cup of tea if you need a pit stop... no need to eat, no need to ask - please relax." 

"Laundromat - Go ahead and breastfeed. We like both babies and boobs!"

Images were found on Facebook. If you know who these belong to, let me know, and I'll source them.

I never felt comfortable breastfeeding in public. I wish that I had. The cover-ups that my sister uses didn't work for us. Both of my sons had latch problems in the beginning. I had to see what I was doing. When they were a little older, they were active breastfeeder's. Meaning they would walk and fidget on me before they could even crawl. My mom and sister would laugh every time they watched my son's breastfeed back in the day. Trying to cover up an oh so active eater as them just isn't possible.

I would hide away in dressing rooms when I was out shopping, or breastfeed them in the car. I would not breastfeed in the bathroom. To me that's a dirty place. Would you eat your dinner in the bathroom? Why expect a baby to do that?

Did/do you feel comfortable breastfeeding in public? Where would you go to breastfeed?

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