Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Care Foundation

I'm a college instructor and have my students create a campaign for a non-profit organization before Christmas every year. They totally get into it. I love what most all of them stand for. They help better the world.

I Care Foundation is a self-funded non-profit organization.  They have an 'International Child Abduction Parent Awareness Campaign' that is about international child abduction and trafficking.

I Care Foundation has a goal to educate parents about the warning signs of abduction. Abduction dropped 15.3%.

Children are taken from their homes, and disrupted from their lives every year. Time is very important for these children. As a parent in this situation, you have to act quickly. 

The I Care Foundation has a list of attorneys that can help.

For more information contact the I Care Foundation here.

For more information contact the I Care Foundation here.

Disclaimer: I did not receive anything for writing this post. I only wrote it to get the word out for I Care Foundation.


Are We There Yet! said...

I have never heard of this foundation, but sounds like it is very worthwhile.

Peter Thomas Senese said...

Thank you for your stewardship in assisting the I CARE Foundation protect children from abduction by raising awareness of this grave issue that is more widespread than what is generally understood. Step by step we are making a difference because individuals like you Alissa are helping to raise awarness, and by doing so, children are being protected . . . and that is very cool.

Kindest regards to all,
Peter Thomas Senese