Monday, April 16, 2012

BPA Free

Is it important to you to be BPA free? I try, but I'm not perfect. I got new sippy cups for my youngest because many people were talking about being BPA free. I actually could see the difference in the plastic from my oldest child's cups to the newer sippy cups I bought my youngest. It wasn't from wear.

Many companies that are selling BPA free things. I think for growing bodies it's important to go as natural and organic as possible.

I ran across a website that sells a lot of organic products. Many would be very handy for newbie eaters/drinkers.

A glass straw:

I never though of straws being unsafe. Plastic ones are not safe.

Many containers like this:
 Different shapes, different sizes - Great for fist eaters!

A wide selection of bags:
I liked this one the best!

They have all kinds of other things! The company is Lavish and Lime. My Wee View is giving away a $50 GC to their store!

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jen said...

I tried hard to be BPA free during pregnancy-it's tough!