Thursday, January 3, 2013

Treating Kids That Have the Stomach Flu

Babies, toddlers and some preschoolers will not hit the toilet, even the bucket when it comes to having the stomach flu.

What are some of the BEST things you can do to treat them?

My oldest, who is 7 just got done having the stomach flu. I started thinking about the best things to do for him.

One of the biggest rumors is that if you or your kids get a flu shot, they are not going to get the stomach flu. The flu shot only covers influenza. Read more about this here. It's good to get that because it can be deadly to those that already have weakened immune systems. If you are healthy and get influenza, you can be out of commission for 2 full weeks.

For Kids That Have the Tummy Bug:

1. Keep everything washed and don't use anything twice. The more people that touch their cup, washcloth and so on have a chance of getting whatever they have. As a parent, you feel like you are washing and washing!

2. Try and use organic cleaners. There are many out there on the market. You can make your own by:
  • Using Vinegar and orange peels. 
  • I put orange peels in a mason jar, pour white vinegar on top and let it sit for a few weeks. Then I remove the orange peels. 
  • This makes for a wonderful, practically free cleaner. It takes the odor out of the room and kills germs at the same time. No harmful chemicals added.
  • I use it daily, so it's around all the time for me.
3. Brush their teeth after each vomit episode. Tooth brushes (if the don't light up or are powered by batteries) can go in the dishwasher to be sterilized.

4. Give them plenty of liquids to drink. Need ideas: 
  • Water is the best! Let's face it, not all kids like water. 
  • Pedialyte is reccomendied by many doctors; to help hydrate  
  • Little Me Tea contains no added sugar, no caffeine and is organic to the core.  
  • Gatorade does contain dyes and sugar, but if it's all you have around the house give it to them. Some liquids are better then no liquids. 
  • I give my kids JELLO juice. It's just JELLO made from the box and cooled down. It's not set up yet, so they can drink it. 
  • Chicken broth is good. 
  • Try and stay away from milk. Most of the time milk does the body good, but not when your stomach is upset. It can create added mucus.
5. Stick to the B.R.A. T. diet with a few added things. The B.R.A. T. diet has been known to put the stomach back into where it should be. What do those letters stand for? 
  • B= Banana
    R= Rice
    A= Applesauce
    T= Tea or Toast
  • Added things to help with the stomach flu are: JELLO, Oatmeal, Chicken Noodle Soup and Greek Yogurt.
  • Probiotics are great. Especially if your child has ongoing stomach problems. You can get them in the grocery store, pharmacy, or nutritional store. It's the same bacteria added to yogurt. We need bacterial in our bodies to keep us going. Probiotics is the good bacteria.
6. Give them a bucket or pan to puke in. Then if they can't make it to the toilet, they have something right there to vomit in. 

7. Give them rest time.
  • Quiet sleep time.
  • Reading time.
  • Movie time. Usually TV time should be set to a minimum, but when they are sick I let them watch TV more than usual. I'd rather have that, than have them running around and touching everything. 
  • Give them their own spot and don't let siblings bother them.
8. Don't be surprised if they act fine. 
  • Every kid is different.  
  • Sometimes my kids run around like they are fine after they have thrown up. Then they get sick again.
  • Other times they look dead to the world. 
9. Wash, wash, wash!
  • Have them wash their hands a lot. Wash the soap bottle down often.
  • Have them take a warm bubble bath. This will help with their sore muscles.   
10. The average child will get the stomach flu twice a year, maybe more if they are in daycare before the age of three. See this site:
For Babies That Have the Tummy Bug:

It's not uncommon, but there less you can do for them.

1. Breastfeed or give them a bottle often. They won't eat as much as normal. Still ofter a lot.

2. You can give babies probiotics. Read above under number 5.
  • When my babies took them I had to give them the powdered kind, mix it with water and syringe it into their mouth.
  • Call your doctor if you question how much to give them, what brand and if you should give them any. They are always your BEST resort!
3. Cuddle lots.
  • Babies love to cuddle when they are sick, but it gives you a higher chance of getting sick to. Wash your hands a lot. Stay out of their face.
4. Try and keep them on a blanket you don't care about.
  • Then they can throw up and it can be thrown in the washer.
Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I only wrote this post as Motherhood insight. These opinions are my own. If you have ANY questions contact your child's pediatrician.